Digital key locks

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Part No.:    926-00004;

Code Ignition | Safe-T-Lock

Used On: All makes.
Safe-T-Lock for 36/48 Volt carts. Needs #10102844 for 36V or #2982078 for 48V. -12-120 VDC Up to 99 different users / drivers - Maintenance cycle – 250 “ON” hours. Unit will beep intermittently until reset. - Last user ID function – supervisor can easily identify the last operator Waterproof, IP65
Part No.:    10102844;

Relais For Safe-T-Lock - 36volt (Needs #926-00004)

Used On: All makes.
Safe-T-Lock programmable code switch prevents unauthorized use of machinery. Superior Signals STL1000 allows up to 99 different users to be input for tracking machine usage. If an accident or damage occurs, the last operator is readily identified. An internal clock records "on" hours and notifies the operator when the vehicle reaches the 250-hour mark. A 4- to 8-digit personal access code can be chosen for each user, and a separate supervisor user menu can be used to program the unit.